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The First ISO 16140-2 Validated Method for Commercial Sterility Testing

Soleris® Next Generation & NF-105 Testing Vial

Producing a commercially sterile product requires carefully considered processes. Our Soleris® system can provide the reliable results needed to give you confidence in the ultra-high temperature (UHT) treatment carried out. 

Our MicroVal certified NF-105 vial for commercial sterility testing provides more sensitive results up to 15 days quicker than traditional methods described in the EU regulation (EC) No 1662/2006 and the council directive 92 / 46 / EEC. This allows for faster QC processes and product release.

The easy-to-use Soleris system offers a sensitive, automated way to detect contamination with ready-to-use testing vials, allowing for:


Download our validation report below or learn how our Soleris system and NF-105 vial compare to other sterility testing methods on the market in an independent study performed by Nestle Research Centre (NRC).

Reduced Media Preparation

Automated Reporting

The Neogen Soleris system incorporates our dynamic Fusion software specifically developed to make microbial testing easier. The Fusion software has an exciting new EndPoint testing function that allows high throughput testers to use one Soleris Next Generation instrument to test hundreds of samples at a time, allowing for a streamlined approach that saves space, time and costs in your laboratory.

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