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Soleris NF-OSB: A Rapid Microbial Test for Fruit Juice

Fruit and vegetable juices with a low pH and high sugar content are an ideal environment for aciduric microorganism growth, which means there is often a high risk of product spoilage. Testing for spoilage organisms throughout production can help reduce the risk of losing product, time, and money to contamination.

Our Soleris® Next Generation system offers rapid, automated testing for the detection and enumeration of such microbial contamination. In a recent validation study our Soleris NF-OSB testing vial was shown to sensitively detect aciduric organisms in fruit juice in as little as 48 hours versus 72 hours using plating techniques.

The Soleris NF-OSB vial was validated against the IFU (International Fruit and Vegetable Juice Association) No. 2 Method for 'Detection and Enumeration of Potential Spoilage Micro-organisms of Fruit Related Products', which has been validated as an official reference method according to ISO 17468.

The study was carried out according to ISO 16140-2 and concluded that the Soleris method was as sensitive as the IFU method while simplifying the workflow and reducing the detection time by a minimum of 24 hours.  

IFU No. 2 Filtration Workflow vs Solers NF-OSB Filtration Workflow*

*To view all validated workflows please refer to the validation report.

Download the NF-OSB Soleris vial validation report:

Testing for Alicyclobacillus

We also support the beverage industry with our test for Alicyclobacillus. An ISO 16140-2 validation showed our Soleris ACB-109 vial can detect Alicyclobacillus in 48 hours versus 5 days using plating techniques (IFU No.12 Method).

What is the IFU?

The IFU is a global representative of the fruit and vegetable juice industry. They develop worldwide reference methods for microbial testing in the fruit and vegetable industry as well as helping to ensure global harmonisation of juice legislation.

The IFU No. 2 Standard Method has been validated as an official reference method according to ISO 17468.

What is Soleris Next Generation?

Soleris Next Generation is our rapid, automated microbial testing system for product safety and quality, offering fast and reliable detection of a wide range of microorganisms including: TVC, Yeast and Moulds, Enterobacteriaceae, Alicyclobacillus and more.

✓ Simple Protocol, Easy Workflow: Combining simple methodology and classical microbiology to provide accurate, reproducible results.

✓ Reduced Testing Time: Versus traditional methods, Soleris NG offers quicker time to results in as little as 14–18 hours.

✓ Reduced Labour & Materials: Our testing vials are supplied fully ready-to-use, simply inoculate the vial and place into the instrument for analysis. 

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