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NEOGEN® offers a comprehensive range of solutions to counter winter teat care challenges that are present on your farm. Harsh weather with low humidity is the perfect condition for teat-skin chapping, damage and hyperkeratosis, which are major factors predisposing cows to mastitis.

NEOGEN offers a range of post milking disinfectants, which not only deliver hydrating and skin conditioning properties but also provide excellent biocidal action against mastitis causing pathogens, helping you to REPAIR, PROTECT and CONTROL the teat condition of your herd.

Have a look below at our range of winter teat care products and how they can help you strengthen your teat care management this winter:

Synofilm - REPAIR

Film-forming barrier teat dip based on lactic acid:

  • A great blend of multiple emollients including lanolin for optimal skin condition and added lactic acid, known for its skin repairing properties
  • Highly beneficial in the prevention of cracked and chapped teats
  • Reduces dehydration of the epidermis, enhancing the condition of the teat
  • Excellent biocidal protection between the milking periods due to high lactic acid and lactate
  • Pleasant citrus fragrance from added limonene

Synobarrier - PROTECT

Ready-to-use iodine & lactic acid based film forming teat dip:

  • Based on iodine and lactic acid, which makes it an extremely effective broad spectrum disinfectant
  • Dual biocidal action teat dip for prolonged activity
  • A blend of multiple emollients including lanolin for optimal skin condition
  • High visibility on teats

Hexsolve Barrier - CONTROL

Barrier forming teat dip based on chlorhexidine for effective protection from environmental mastitis pathogens:

  • Contains high levels of chlorhexidine for excellent biocidal action
  • High emollient content including glycerine and lanolin for optimal skin condition
  • Formulated with added peppermint oil, which contains menthol; astringent and known to reduce inflammation
  • Vibrant purple colour for high visibility on teats


NEOGEN is with you at every step. Our product specialists are on hand to answer any questions you may have when using our products, as well as offering tips and best practice solutions for ensuring the health of your herds.  Simply fill out our form to get in touch.

Try it out for yourself!

We know it helps to try a product before making any decision, so we are happy to provide you with a sample of our teat dips for you to try out. Just fill out the form below to request your sample*: 

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