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BetaStar® Tests for Dairy Antibiotics

Antibiotics are used in cattle to keep animals healthy and treat a number of conditions such as mastitis, hoof related infections, and Bovine Respiratory disease. Residues of the antibiotics can be passed in the milk and be dangerous for humans and impact yield and quality of fermented products like cheese and yogurt. NEOGEN's rapid and easy to use test kits support the dairy industry to ensure processors can test milk throughout the supply chain to ensure it complies with the different Maximum Residue Level (MRL) set for each class of antibiotics.

Qualitative Lateral Flow Tests

BetaStar® is a range of rapid, easy to use and internationally-approved tests that can be run anywhere, from the farm or milk tanker to dairy processors, in just five to ten minutes. The range offers rapid detection of different classes of antibiotics in raw, commingled, UHT, sterilized, frozen-thawed, reconstituted bovine milk, goat’s milk, ewe’s milk, and mare’s milk at or below established Maximum Residue Levels.

All BetaStar test kits are read using NEOGEN’s automated analysis platforms Raptor® or Raptor Solo, while BetaStar S and BetaStar S Combo tests can also be visually interpreted. Our BetaStar range can detect the main classes of antibiotics including penicillins, cefalosporins, tetracyclines, quinolones, and sulfonamides.

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Our range of tests:

With BetaStar and Raptor you can test easily and get reliable results quickly to ensure the quality of your end product isn’t affected by antibiotics.  The BetaStar range includes:

Food Safety Solutions from Farm to Fork

NEOGEN also offers a comprehensive product range of testing solutions to support all steps of the dairy processing chain. These solutions include tests for allergens, spoilage organisms, pathogens, mycotoxins, as well as a hygiene monitoring system and UKAS accredited* contract laboratory services:


Pathogen Detection

Rapid molecular and screening methods to detect pathogenic contamination that might cause foodborne diseases:

Microbial Tests

Rapid alternative and traditional methods to monitor spoilage and other microbial organisms:

Allergen Management

Quantitative and qualitative tests to help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements:

Hygiene Monitoring

An ATP hygiene monitoring system that validates the effectiveness of your cleaning programme by detecting ATP from residues and microorganisms present on surfaces and in rinse waters:

Natural Toxins

Rapid quantitative tests for aflatoxin M1 and histamine, to ensure that the toxin levels in products like cheese are below the safe threshold:

Biosecurity and Genomics

A range of complementary product lines, including products and services for animal safety and genomics:

Contract Laboratory Services

NEOGEN's contract laboratory allergen testing service is available for the analysis of a wide variety of food matrices, CIP rinse waters and environmental swabs using ELISA methods. Our laboratory is UKAS accredited* according to 17025 and offers flexible turnaround times to suit you. Contact us to find out more.

Training & Technical Support

With NEOGEN, it's not just about our products; our experienced R&D, Technical Support and Customer Service teams are on hand to help you. We offer guidance and support every step of the way including onsite training, webinar and workshop events and our interactive online support tool LabLive. 

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*Not all tests are accredited to ISO 17025, view our full range of accredited tests here

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